It Treats More Than Wrinkles

We have performed thousands of Botox procedures over the years for a broad range of treatments — from wrinkles to teeth grinding to sweating — with great success.
— Dr. Jerry Sinsky

What is Botox?
Botox is a drug that has the effect of relaxing muscles and decreasing excessive sweat gland function. It’s one of the most popular, effective and safe cosmetic procedures done today. 

    Is Botox right for me?
    Botox may be right for you if want a safe and effective treatment that smoothes wrinkles, relieves teeth clenching, reduces excessive sweating or calms eye twitching. We treat women and men over 18 years of age, and younger patients with unique needs and parental consent.

    Where is Botox used? 
    Botox is most frequently used for: 

    • Midbrow – Between the eyebrows, the “11” shaped, vertical lines. Treating this area goes a long way to make people look relaxed, happy, and approachable.
    •  Sides of the Eyes – "Crows feet” wrinkles at the sides of the eyes.  It’s worth being somewhat conservative here since these wrinkles are associated with smiling and laughing. Reducing, but not eliminating, these lines is generally the best approach.
    • Forehead – Horizontal forehead lines and creases. Botox is very effective in reducing these type of wrinkles resulting in a smoother appearance.
    • Lower Face – The area around the lip and chin. Lip treatments decrease vertical upper lip wrinkles and can give lips a fuller look. Chin treatments help smooth a "pebbly" chin appearance.
    • Teeth Clenching/Grinding –  Muscle clenching which causes jaw soreness, headaches, and wearing down of teeth. Botox can effectively reduce the symptoms of muscle discomfort and tooth damage related to jaw clenching.
    • Excessive Sweating – Excessive sweating in underarms, palms, soles of feet and other areas. Botox effectively inhibits overactive sweat glands which cause excessive sweating in these areas. The benefits can last several months. 
    • Eye Twitching – Involuntary movement of muscles around the eye. Botox can relieve and alleviate the symptoms of eye twitching.

    Is Botox safe?
    Botox has been an FDA-approved drug since 2002. Personal Laser Clinic only purchases Botox from a licensed supplier in the US, assuring the product is FDA-approved.

    How long does Botox last? 
    The duration of Botox effects varies with each individual treatment. Our staff will discuss what to expect with your specific procedure.

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