What is a Micropeel?

      The Micropeel is a combination of a microdermabrasion and a light chemical peel, so it’s a more aggressive treatment than microdermabrasion alone. It will do a better job reducing fine lines, softening acne scars, and reducing brownish-yellowish discoloration than microdermabrasion or a light chemical peel alone. One of the important benefits of the treatment is it’s ability to allow greater penetration of moisturizers, vitamins, and antioxidants, (and sometimes pigment reducing agents if needed), which are applied daily for the duration of the series of 6 treatments.


How is the treatment done?

      After an initial consultation with Dr. Sinsky, the face is cleansed with a cell loosening or salicylic anti-oil agent. This breaks down some of the “glue-bonds” that make the dead skin cells adhere to each other and your face. After leaving this on for 2 minutes the mildly acidic solution is neutralized with 10% sodium bicarbonate.  Then a normal microdermabrasion treatment is done to prepare for the light chemical peel with either lactic, glycolic, or salicylic acid. The agents we use here are sold to physicians only and are not the over-the-counter lactic or glycolic peels, which are buffered or esterified to make them safe for salons and the public to use. Following the chemical peel a cocktail of hydration lotion, vitamin infusion serum, and sunblock are massaged into the area treated.


Is there any downtime?

      There is a day or two of reddening of the skin, like a mild to moderate sunburn.  Most people just go back to work that day or the next day. This procedure should result in the same level of skin improvement that an aggressive chemical provides, but you don’t have  to hide out for several days while the outer layer of skin grows back. A plus with the micropeel is that there is less risk of pigment change, which is a rare complication of the aggressive chemical peels.


Are there risks with the micropeel?

      There is a very small risk of a problem such as mild flaking of the skin like a superficial razor burn.  Some people might have an allergic reaction to one of the agents, but this is rare and we usually do a small test patch before performing a whole treatment.  There is essentially no risk of infection or scarring.  (Our microdermabrasion tips are made for single use only).


What is done in between treatments?

      It is very important to apply the moisturizer, vitamin infusion serum and antioxidants to the skin daily. All of this will decrease dyspigmentation and roughness as well as encouraging the growth of new collagen.  This is important enough that we supply you with the initial agents that we feel are most appropriate for your skin.  They are obtained only through a physician’s office and are compounded by MedSurge Skincare, Inc., one of the companies on the forefront of skin treatment and skin care products.  


What about cost?

      We are happy to discuss the cost of the procedure over the phone, or at the time of the consultation.  We make sure our prices are affordable and competitive. Being a medical office means you don’t have to pay for the high overhead of  the various types of spas.

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