What about laser hair removal?

      At the Personal Laser Clinic our goal is to provide the best available treatment for certain skin problems that can be effectively and safely treated using the latest medical technology. In the last several years there have been great strides made in the development of lasers for treating problems like unwanted hair.
      I became interested in laser hair removal some years ago as I heard patients, (and my wife), complain of unwanted hair, especially during swimsuit season. Many feel that waxing, plucking and electrolysis are too uncomfortable, tedious, and expensive for something that only resulted in temporary relief. Just as significantly, these methods, as well as chemical depilatories, often caused annoying rashes and ingrown hairs.
       Up until the last several years there wasn’t really much to offer these patients until the FDA approved the Lightsheer diode laser for permanent hair reduction. With this laser, the vast majority of people are very pleased with the results.  The goal is a permanent elimination or drastic reduction of darker hairs.  If there are hairs left after a few treatments they are usually finer, softer, and lighter than the ones they started off with. Be careful here, if someone claims to provide permanent hair “removal” they are making claims not allowed by the FDA, which says doctors can claim permanent hair reduction, not elimination.

How many treatments will I need?

      In general it takes from 4 to 6 treatments for a permanent, drastic reduction in hair. If someone is unlucky enough to require more than 5 treatments we usually provide up to 5 additional treatments of that area for just a fraction of the price. People with lighter skin and darker hair are the best candidates.  People with darker skin or lighter hair usually need more treatments. If there’s doubt as to whether you’re a candidate, we sometimes do a test area for a nominal fee. Remember, we’re with you on this and want to do everything reasonable to ensure your satisfaction. After performing literally thousands of treatments since 1999 there are not many who haven’t had a good result. (If anyone can figure out why it doesn’t work 100% of the time let me know and we’ll both be famous).  In 2001 we added a new FDA approved upgrade to our Lightsheer diode laser that allows us to treat many black and tan people. I like to think that if we were any more advanced we’d be experimental.

What about shaving rash or “beard bumps”?

      This is a great benefit to those who get a rash or “beard bumps”,  also called “folliculitis barbae”, from shaving. If someone said they only had the money to do laser hair removal one time,  I’d discourage them from doing it at all unless they wanted to solve a shaving rash problem, because after just one treatment  the hair might not look that much different, but just one treatment will probably eliminate or greatly reduce the problem of a shaving rash. Even black people can usually get help for this problem.

Are there age limits on the procedure?

      In general, any age can be treated. I’ve treated kids who’ve had reconstructive plastic surgery or just a unibrow, which is very easy. I am a little conservative with teenage girls since I want to avoid promoting the plastic surgery mentality so prevalent in todays media. Also, I’m sorry to say, that if one waits too long and they have mainly grey hair, there won’t be as much of a benefit since grey or white hairs can’t be killed effectively.  (There are a few places that claim that they can treat hair of any color but this is an exaggeration when it comes to white hairs. Don’t waste your money).

Who performs the treatments?

      As a board certified gynecologist in practice since 1982, and performing thousands of laser hair treatments over the years, I feel women are comfortable and confident knowing I will be performing their initial consultations and their first treatments if they wish. Also, if you happen to be a guy, heck, I can tell where you’re coming from just about as well.  Patients may also have our licensed, specially trained R.N. perform their treatments. In California it is legal for an M.D. or an R.N. to perform the laser treatments, but not a medical assistant. Not all clinics follow this requirement, and this is a real red flag if they’re not.
      We have found laser hair reduction  to be one of the most gratifying procedures we’ve seen. Patients often return to have other areas treated and refer their family and friends to us. We are thankful and honored by such referrals. If you have questions about our services or procedures please call our office. We would be pleased to provide a complimentary consultation in person.

How much does all this cost?

      In looking at prices, there are a couple of pitfalls you should be aware of. Many places charge for a set of treatments to be paid for in advance.  We don’t do this for a few reasons. First, you really don’t know how many treatments you’ll need. Second, if you don’t like it, you’re often stuck without the ability to get a refund. Third, you might find a place that’s better (like Personal Laser Clinic), or more convenient. Fourth, there are quite a few shaky places doing this and I’ve seen a few patients who’ve paid for a set of treatments only to have the office or spa go out of business before they finished the treatments they paid for. Or, you might move out of the area yourself.
       Also, when comparing prices, make sure you know what the area involves. This is especially true in treating an area like the bikini. Because we’re also a gynecologist’s office we’re aggressive here and treat the whole bikini, front and back to the tailbone, for the price of a bikini.  Many places list a low bikini price, but it only includes the sides in front.  We would actually call this ½ of a bikini and charge ½ the price.
      We make sure our prices are affordable and competitive and are happy to talk about the cost of the various areas on the phone or at the time of your consult. We always prorate larger areas like backs or thighs, so if, say, only 1/3 of the area needs treatment we charge 1/3 of the price.

To obtain more specific information about the laser you can go to http://aesthetic.lumenis.com/wt/page/lightsheer

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