I was born in 1952 and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I am the third oldest of 9 kids: 8 boys and 1 girl. My father is a retired obstetrician-gynecologist and I feel I inherited my father’s brains because my mother still has hers. My parents chose to live in Milwaukee, but after visiting relatives in Southern California over the years I’ve decided I’ve had enough snow and moved here in 1982.

After high school I obtained my Bachelor of Science degree in biology at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. I then obtained my M.D. degree at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee. My internship and specialty training were done at Butterworth Hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Four years in Michigan convinced me to move to a warmer climate and I decided to set up my practice in Escondido in 1982. I am a Fellow of the Society for Lasers in Medicine and Surgery, a member of the California Medical Association, San Diego County Medical Association, and the Better Business Bureau of San Diego.

My wife’s name is Anne and I met her when she was a nursing student at L.A. County Hospital as a blind date set up by a mutual friend to whom I’ll be eternally grateful. We got married in 1987 in Oxnard, CA, where she grew up. We have 4 kids, Colleen, born in 1988, Katherine, born in 1989, Matthew, born in 1992, and Emily, born in 1997. As you can see, Emily took awhile, but she was worth the wait. Sometimes she thinks the world revolves around her and I tend to agree with her.

In my off hours I enjoy being with my wife and doing things with the kids, (actually driving the kids around a lot). I try to play tennis and ride my mountain bike along Lake Hodges or at the Daily Ranch. At home I spend time fixing things, taking care of our fruit trees and plants and trying to keep our pet chickens in the backyard. (Chickens actually make decent pets once you get to know them. Besides, Emily likes them). Our dog, Ginger, was a stray we found and is the best dog ever for the kids. We also have 3 cats, a miniature hamster, several Gouldian finches, a frog, and a fish. However, the pet inventory is always changing. The circle of life, you know.

I first became interested in laser hair removal in 1998 in order to get a break from the pets. Just kidding. It was actually after a new generation of lasers was approved by the FDA and I realized how well they worked and how much patients disliked hair. Because of my close involvement with patients, the effectiveness of the laser, our knowledgeable, friendly staff, and reasonable pricing, this became a larger and larger part of my practice. I feel our LightSheer diode laser is the most effective hair removal laser on the market. In addition, when I saw how safe and effective the Diolite KTP laser was for skin rejuvenation by treating spider veins and rosacea on the face, and brown spots, pigmented moles, etc., I started offering this procedure as well. Along with these procedures we offer popular microdermabrasion with the DermaGenesis M2 system, and the somewhat more aggressive micropeel procedure.

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