While our medical office is very comfortable and private, we do not want to morph into one of the now trendy “medispa” types of practice. Many of these offer procedures that have minimal, if any, value and operate without the direct supervision of an onsite physician. Also, because of their high overhead, these spas are often expensive and pressure their clients into purchasing more treatments or products than may be necessary.

Meet our staff

Nancy,registered nurse

Anne,registered nurse

Cathy, our receptionist

Shari, our office manager

As an aside, all of those women are actually older than 80, but just look a lot younger because of where they work. (Just kidding).

Office location

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255 North Elm Street, Suite 203 Escondido, CA 92025
Tel. (760) 743-5600 | Toll Free (866) BYE - HAIR(293-4247)

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